Valtakunnallinen Itämeritapahtuma


SUNDAY 24.4.2016 

  • Arrival at Helsinki airport (Group 1)                 13.20 
  • Rental of two cars and driving to Rauma (Group 1)        14:00 – 17:00
  • Arrival to Rauma Bus station (Rauma Linja-autoasema, street address: Nortamonkatu 3) and meeting with host families at Rauma            approximate time 17:00
  • Arrival at Helsinki airport (Group 2)                22.20
  • Bus transportation of (Group 2) to “Solvallan Urheiluopisto” (Solvalla Sports Academy, address: Nuuksiontie 82) located at 35 km distance from the airport

MONDAY 25.4.2016 

  • Bustrip from Solvalla to Rauma (Group 2)                 08:30-11:45
  • “Amazing Race” in Old Rauma (Group 1)                09.30-11.30

- Meeting point in Tammela 9:00-9:30 (street address: Eteläpitkäkatu 17), Laura Puolamäki and Jarna Laine, Rauma Town

  • Group 2 arrives with the bus to P-place in Eteläpitkäkatu 17    11:45

(moving of luggage to the small cars)

  • Lunch at Old Rauma Lungi/Café Sali by the Market Square (Group 1&2) 12 – 13:0    

(one person gluten-free diet)     

  • Drive to FORCHEM (street address: Maanpääntie, Rauma)
  • Getting to know FORCHEM                        13.30-14.00
  • Snack at FORCHEM                             14:30-15:30
  • 15:30 Host families/(other persons with a car) pick up Portuguese guests from FORCHEM 
  • Free time                                15:30-18:00
  • GET-TOGETHER (Finnish sauna+swimming, Kiviranta max.40persons)    18.00-21.00

(street address: Kivirannantie 133)

TUESDAY 26.4.2016 


Portuguese guests

Students from Rauma


Activities in Normaalikoulu (Leader:Mia Koivuniemi and Normaalikoulu school)    

  • Green Flag
  • Eco School activities
  • a visit to the School Garden

Normaalikoulu school class


Lunch at Normaalikoulu                    















13:00- 13:40

13:40 – 14:00

14:00 – 14:30



Finnish-Portuguese Student´s Seminar (Place Normaalikoulu Auditorium)

Juhani Kettunen (Finnish Environment Institute) and Mia Koivuniemi (Normaalikoulu school)

4 +4  student presentations 

  1. Why visiting Portugal is a (really) good idea!
  2. Nanun koulu school  group
  3. My Observartory from Rivers to Ocean – An ocean literacy project
  4. Pyynpään koulu school group 
  5. My Observartory from Rivers to Ocean – Monitoring tools
  6. Freinet-koulu school group 
  7. Coastwatch – Informed public participation in protection and management of the coastal zone
  8. Syvärauman koulu school group 


Outdoor Break and “Save water” outdoor game (Leader: Maria João Correia) (40min) 

Demo helicopter flight (Nuno Charneca) (20 min)

Indoor seminar continues (“adult presentations”  from Portugal)

  • e.g. Presentation of helicopter survey results from Portugal (15min)
  • e.g. A short Introduction to georeferenced litter photographing with smartphones  (15 min)

Nanu, Pyynpää

Freinet koulu, Syvärauma

total 20 participants = groups that present the 5 min talks



14:30 - 15:00

Walking to the movie theater together with Mia Koivuniemi                        


15:00 -16:30

A movie Story of a lake (Järven tarina,1h 20 min) in the movie theater  Iso-Hannu (63 places available)


End of the school day -> Evening together with the host families    


WEDNESDAY 27.4.2016 

  • Workshops and Activities at Rauma schools 
  • 3 groups/teams  visits in different Rauma schools 
  • “Amazing Race in Old Rauma” is organized once more (for Group 2) on Wednesday afternoon

Activities on Wednesday 27.4.


Activity 1





Helicopter demo flight + some other activity 




Nuno Charneca (adult)

Teija Varro (Nanu school, Principal)

tel. 044 7933463

Rafaela Santos

Hudson Melo


Helicopter demo flight + some other activity 




Nuno Charneca (adult)

Jarmo Lehtonen (Raumanmeri school)

Rafaela Santos

Hudson Melo




Raumanmeri school



Arduino/Rasberry Workshop *)


Opettajankoulutuslaitos (OKL)/Normaalikoulu

(meeting point close to  the outdoor of the Auditorium where the Tuesday seminar took place)

Nuno Charneca (adult)

Matti Pirttimaa, University of Turku

Normaalikoulu 5b + Ville Turunen

Rafaela Santos

Hudson Melo


End of school day



  • Evening together with the host families
  • Departure from Rauma bus station to Helsinki airport by bus (Group 2)    22:00

THURSDAY 28.4.2016 

  • Meeting at the Rauma bus station (Group 1)                 9:00
  • Departure from Rauma to Helsinki airport                     9:05
  • Flight                                        16:05